Terms of service

BUTLER TOKYO Terms of service  

Article 1 (General rules)

  1. Cube & Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") Web Provided through the site BUTLER TOKYO The conditions for using the "service" and the conditions for providing foods, etc. using the service are defined.
  2. The rules, etc. separately established by the Company regarding the details of the usage conditions and provision conditions in the preceding paragraph shall be applied together with this agreement.


Article 2 (Definition)

Definitions of terms in this agreement are as follows.

  • "This service" means the provision of food, etc. from stores and the provision of beverages, etc. by our company. Web As a mechanism to centrally use the site etc., we provide " BUTLER TOKYO "Service".
  • "User" means a user of this service.
  • "Store" means a store that provides users with food, etc. using this system.
  • "Store product" means a product such as food provided by the store to the user in this service, for which we are entrusted with delivery.
  • "Our product" means the product such as beverages that we provide to users in this service.
  • "This product" is a generic term for store products and our products.
  • "This site" is provided by our company for this service. Web A site or app.
  • " ID "" means a code to identify users on this site.
  • "Registration information" means the information that the user registers through this site in order to use this service.
  • "Terms, etc." means the rules and regulations established by the Company or the store in relation to the Service.


Article 3 (Contents/system of this service, etc.)

  1. This service receives orders from users through this site, etc., and delivers store products and our products to the place specified by the user.
  2. This service consists of the part provided by the store and the part provided by our company, and the classification is as shown in the table below.


Store products

Our products

Product provider



Delivery provider

Store (delivered by our company on behalf of the store)


Operator of this site


  1. Store products are provided at the store's responsibility, and our products are provided at our responsibility.


Article 4 (Contract establishment)

  1. If you wish to use this service, after accepting the contents of this agreement, please apply by the method prescribed by our company.
  2. Upon completion of registration on this site due to the application set forth in the preceding paragraph, a contract regarding the use of this site (hereinafter referred to as "this contract") will be concluded between the user and us based on this agreement.
  3. You cannot apply to use this service if any of the following items apply.
  • If you are under 20
  • If the contract has been canceled due to a breach of the contract with us or the store
  1. The user shall be advised in advance of any changes to the registration information. 1 The change procedure shall be carried out in accordance with the section, and the same shall apply thereafter.


Article 5 (order)

  1. The user shall order this product from this site after confirming the deliverable time for each product displayed on this site and other provision conditions.
  2. Regarding store products, a contract regarding the provision of individual store products will be concluded between the user and the store when the Company notifies that the store will accept the order in the preceding paragraph.
  3. Regarding our products, a contract regarding the provision of individual products of the Company will be concluded between the user and the Company when the Company notifies that the Company will accept the order set forth in the preceding paragraph.
  4. First 2 Term and number 3 Orders confirmed based on the terms cannot be canceled.
  5. The photo of this product displayed on this site is an image, the arrangement and side dishes other than the main dish are subject to change, and the photo and the actual product may not exactly match.


Article 6 (delivery)

  1. If the order in the preceding article is accepted, this product will be delivered to the address registered by the user. However, the delivery area may be limited depending on the product.
  2. We will try to deliver within the estimated delivery time displayed on this site, but due to traffic conditions, we may not be able to deliver on time.


Article 7 (Countermeasures such as quantity shortage)

  1. After receiving this product, the user shall immediately check the quantity and quality of the product and notify the store immediately if there is a problem.
  2. If a problem is recognized after receiving the notification in the preceding paragraph, we will reduce the fee for the problem.
  3. Unless otherwise specified in this agreement, the preceding paragraph defines all responsibilities of the Company or the store for insufficient quantity and defective quality of this product.


Article 8 (Fee)

  1. The price of store products is determined by the store, and the price of our products is determined by us, and the charges and shipping charges are displayed on this site.
  2. By the method specified by the Company, the user shall pay the fee in the preceding paragraph to the Company or a third party specified by the Company by the deadline specified by the Company.
  3. The user shall bear the expenses necessary for the procurement and maintenance of equipment for using this site, equipment such as communication lines, and other expenses for using this service.


Article 9 (Management of ID)

  1. The user ID , Manage your password at your own risk so that it is not known to third parties, ID Also, measures shall be taken to prevent password theft.
  2. The user ID Cannot be lent or transferred to a third party.


Article 10 (consignment to a third party)

The store or the Company may entrust all or part of the provision of this service to a third party.


Article 11 (Prohibited matter)

When using this service, the user shall not perform any of the following actions or any actions that may possibly occur.

  • Acts that violate these Terms
  • Acts that violate laws or public order and morals
  • Acts that damage the honor, credit, or other rights of the Company, the store, or any of the parties concerned
  • Illegal use of ID
  • Transfer of all or part of the rights or obligations related to this service to a third party, provision of collateral
  • Other than the above, acts that interfere with the operation of this service


Article 12 (Change of provision conditions, etc.)

  1. The Company or the store may change the provision conditions of this product at any time as necessary.
  2. If it is necessary to change this agreement due to the following circumstances, we may change this agreement based on the following paragraph.
    • Amendments to laws and changes in other social conditions
    • Changes in economic conditions such as changes in prices, taxes and public dues, and other economic burdens
    • Rationalization of service contents due to changes in the technical environment and business environment, system changes, and other technical and operational changes
    • Other circumstances similar to the previous items
  3. When we change this agreement based on the preceding paragraph, 15 We will notify the user about the change (contents of change, effective date of change, etc.) at least one day in advance. However, if it does not include any unfavorable changes to the user or if there is an urgent need, we may change these Terms immediately after notifying the user.
  4. User, before 2 If you do not agree to the changes 20 Article 3 If you continue to use this service after the change, you must accept the change.


Article 13 (temporary interruption/termination of this service, etc.)

  1. If the Company determines that it is necessary to suspend the provision of this service due to system maintenance, system failure response, force majeure such as natural disaster, fire, confusion, infectious disease, or other technical or operational reasons, All or part of the provision may be temporarily suspended.
  2. The Company shall notify the user of the interruption in the preceding paragraph in advance in the case of system maintenance as soon as possible, and promptly notify the user after the fact in case of emergency system maintenance or other reasons. ..
  3. The Company shall be able to terminate the provision of all or part of this Service in the event that it is difficult to continue to provide this Service.
  4. If the user determines that the information posted on this site infringes the rights of our company, the store, or other third parties, we may delete the information.


Article 14 (confidentiality)

  1. In connection with this service, the user and the Company will provide tangible and intangible information (excluding known or publicly known information, hereinafter referred to as “confidential information”) disclosed by the other party or store in advance of the other party. Without consent, we will not disclose it to a third party.
  2. This section shall survive the termination of this agreement.


Article 15 (Handling of personal information)

  1. The Company will properly manage registered information and other personal information acquired when providing this Service (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and regulations.
  2. We use personal information for the following purposes.
    • Provision and delivery of this product
    • Inquiries regarding this service
    • In addition, operation of this service, quality improvement
    • Announcement of products, services, events, etc. at stores, our company, and our affiliated companies
    • In addition to the preceding items, the purposes set forth in this agreement
  3. We will provide personal information to stores to the extent necessary for the operation of this service.
  4. The Company shall analyze and aggregate the registered information and the usage history of the user, etc., and then use the result in a form that cannot identify a specific individual, or provide it to a third party.


Article 16 (Disclaimer)

  1. The Company will not be responsible for any damage incurred by the user due to the reasons listed below.
  • Cancellation or delay of delivery due to incomplete registration information, traffic conditions, absence of users, or other reasons
  • First Five Article Five Term mismatch
  • Tampering with communication line, computer failure, system interruption or delay due to excessive access, data loss or unauthorized access to data
  • Illegal use of ID
  • Problems related to malfunctions of devices, software, third party services used by users when using this site
  • Suspension or termination of provision of all or part of this service
  • Changes to the content and provision conditions of this service
  • Force majeure such as natural disasters, fires, wars, conflicts, labor disputes, and infectious diseases
  1. The stores are not responsible for our products and we are not responsible for users of the products.
  2. If we or the store is liable for damages to the user, we will not be liable for lost profits, indirect damages, special damages, legal fees, up to the order amount that caused the damages. However, this does not apply if the Product Liability Law and other laws are compulsorily applied.


Article 17 (Damage Compensation)

If the user violates this agreement, etc. and damages the store, our company or a third party, we will compensate the damage.


Article 18 (Notification method)

  1. We will notify users based on this agreement etc. in writing, by e-mail, or by posting on this site.
  2. The notice in the preceding paragraph shall be completed when the user's address arrives in writing, reaches the user's mail server, or appears on this site.
  3. First 1 Notification in writing or by e-mail based on the paragraph shall be performed based on the registration information, and if the registration information is incorrect and the document or e-mail does not arrive, the notification will be completed at the time of shipping regardless of the preceding paragraph I consider it as done.


Article 19 (Term of validity of this contract)

  1. This contract is valid from the date it is established 1 Annual
  2. Of the previous term 1 If there is no written notice from the user or our company to the other party by the month before this contract, 1 It shall be renewed annually and thereafter.


Article 20 (Termination of this contract)

  1. The user and the Company shall be able to cancel this contract if the other party is decided to start bankruptcy proceedings, civil rehabilitation proceedings, corporate reorganization proceedings or special liquidation commencement, or if there is a serious suspicion of the credit situation. I will.
  2. Our company shall be able to cancel this contract if the user falls under any of the following items.
    • If the registration information is false or lacking
    • If the location is unknown, if the registered e-mail address is non-deliverable, or if inquiries or requests from us are not dealt with promptly.
    • When our company has terminated the provision of this service based on this agreement
    • First Four Article 3 When it is found that any of the items
    • In addition to the above items, if we determine that it will interfere with the operation of this service
  3. The user can cancel this contract by notifying us by the method prescribed by us. However, even in this case, it is not possible to cancel the confirmed order.


Article 21 (Exclusion of antisocial forces)

  1. Users and the Company have been gangsters, gangsters, and Five Those who have not passed the age, associate members of gangsters, companies related to gangsters, general assembly stores, social movements, etc. or special intelligence violence groups, etc. ,), does not correspond to any of the following items, and does not apply in the future, and promises.
  • Having a relationship that is deemed to be unlawfully using gangsters, for the purpose of making an unfair advantage of itself or a third party, or for the purpose of damaging a third party.
  • Having a relationship recognized as being involved in providing funds, etc., or providing convenience to gangsters, etc.
  • Having a socially condemned relationship with gangsters, etc.
  1. The user and the Company make their own commitments by using themselves or a third party to declare that they will not make any unlawful demands.
  2. The user and the company are 2 If you violate any of the terms, you will lose the profit of the other party's deadline and you can immediately terminate this contract without any notice.
  3. If the user and our company cancel the service in accordance with the preceding paragraph, we shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the other party.


Article 22 (Governing law and jurisdiction of agreement)

  1. This agreement is based on Japanese law.
  2. If a dispute arises regarding this service, the Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.


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