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Creative Italian and wine
A space to enjoy the moment  

A shop that has been a hot topic since it opened in June 2016. The dishes created by the chefs who have traveled to Italy for 7 years and Germany for 8 years will be finished with original dishes that cannot be imagined from the menu. The chef, who has made good use of his overseas experience, can enjoy a creative and free plate using various techniques while starting from Italian cuisine.  


*Open all year round (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)
*Orders can be made from a meal price of ¥15,000 (excluding tax).  
*For each meal price increase of ¥15,000, the shipping fee will be +¥2,000 (excluding tax)
*When ordering at multiple stores, you can order from ¥15,000 (excluding tax) per store.
Example) Order details: A store _ ¥15,000 + B store _ ¥15,000, shipping fee is ¥ 4,000 (tax excluded)

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